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In light of ongoing concerns regarding COVID and communicable health risks more generally, the Black Travel Expo will implement health and safety protocols appropriate to the public health circumstances existing at the time of the Expo.  The Black Travel Expo will exercise reasonable efforts to utilize protocols that will comply with or exceed any local public health requirements and be consistent with then-prevailing public health standards as issued by relevant public health entities.  Those protocols may include the following: vaccination, proof of COVID status, self-monitoring, biometric screening, symptom checkers, contact tracing, use of personal protective equipment and social distancing, or other similar measures. Compliance with some or all of the protocols adopted by the Black Travel Expo may be mandatory for in-person attendance and participation at the Conference.  Additional information regarding the specific health and safety measures, and any necessary consents by you, will be communicated to Attendees prior to the first day of the Conference.

Accordingly, you agree that you will not attend the Expo if within fourteen (14) days preceding the Conference, you have:

  1. tested positive or presumptively positive for COVID or other communicable disease or been identified as a potential carrier of COVID or another communicable disease; or

  2. experienced any symptoms commonly associated with COVID or other communicable disease; or

  3. traveled to a country that is subject to a U.S. State Department Level 4 “Do Not Travel” health advisory or a CDC Level 3 Travel Health Notice (each, a “Prohibited Country”); or

  4. been in direct contact with or the immediate vicinity of (collectively, the “Encounter”) any person who is either confirmed or suspected of being infected with COVID or other communicable disease or who has travelled to a Prohibited Country within the last fourteen (14) days preceding the Encounter.


Further, you understand and agree that the Black Travel Expo may share any COVID-related information about you that the Black Travel Expo receive as part of such health and safety protocols with public health authorities or other regulatory agencies, as required under applicable laws.

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