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BTE 2023 in ATLANTA!

Welcome to the Black Travel Expo

The Black Travel Expo welcomes all Black travel consumers, businesses, influencers, organizations, and supporters.

The BTE is the premier weekend conference and trade show for Black travel consumers to learn about new destinations within the United States and internationally. It is the place to hear amazing travel stories, receive great advice, learn how to travel smart, and find out who’s who in the black travel industry. Most importantly, network and support Black travel entrepreneurs, products, services, and brands over one weekend and under one roof.

What to Expect at the Black Travel Expo


Travel Business Inspiration


It’s one thing to want to start a business in travel. The reality is knowing how to actually put in the work to make it a reality.  At the Black Travel Expo, you will learn how to make that happen. We select the best industry speakers to show you how to turn those dreams into reality. Our speakers will share their ups and downs so you can be inspired by their journey.

Image by Kenzie Kraft

Networking and Fun Events


The Black Travel Expo (BTE) is built exclusively for travelers like you. It is a village marketplace that's centered squarely within the Black Travel community. From networking with insiders to building partnerships with global brands, plan on consuming a wealth of global travel knowledge in a fun family atmosphere. From events, break out sessions, panel discussions, and giveaways...there's no question you will meet fellow travelers and potentially forge lifelong friends in travel.

Upcoming Events

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